Deleting raster catalog items is slow

Discussion created by mortdth on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by amarsden
Hello there

I have a large raster catalog with over 1500 topo maps. I wanted to remove about 400 of them. I've selected those items in ArcMap and used Delete Raster Catalog Items from the Toolbox. The process run over night. When I returned to the office in the morning the process was still running. I assumed it had frozen, so I force closed ArcMap.

When I checked my raster catalog it turned out that the process actually had removed about 1/3 of raster it was suppose to. It was just that slow.

I did some tests to determine how long does it take to remove one item. In this case 7 minutes. Raster catalog is in a file geodatabase stored localy.

Can you please tell me is this performance considered normal or slow?

My system: HP Z600 Workstation 2xXeon E5620 2.4GHz, Windows 7 64bit, ArcInfo 10 SP1