Symbolize using date field

Discussion created by SamuelHenderson on Apr 26, 2011
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Hi All,

I'm making an ICommand Extension for ArcMap 9.3.1.  Basically, I'd like to be able to look at a date field in a featureclass, and if it is older than 5 years (from the current date) it should be symbolized as a red point, and if the date is less than 5 years old it should be symbolized with a green point.

At first I thought a ClassBreakRenderer would be the solution using something like:
Dim classBreakRenderer As IClassBreaksRenderer = New ClassBreaksRenderer
classBreakRenderer.Field = "LAST_ACTIVITY_DATE"
classBreakRenderer.BreakCount = 2
classBreakRenderer.Break(0) = " < #" & DateTime.Now.AddYears(-5).ToShortDateString & "#"
classBreakRenderer.Break(1) = " >= #" & DateTime.Now.AddYears(-5).ToShortDateString & "#"

But it seems that the Break property requires a number and will not work for a date or string...

Is there some better way to go about doing what I need to do?  It seems like this should be a pretty typical operation...