Coordinate system of an arcgis server map

Discussion created by vickarasu on Apr 26, 2011
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I would like to know how can I get the coordinate system of a map or a dataframe when a mapserver is loaded in an axmapcontrol. I try to get it with IMapServerObjects interface, but when I do QI with the MapServer object it crashes.

Any help or idea would be useful. Thank you very much

This is the code I use:

                    ILayerFactory pLayerFactory = new MapServerLayerFactoryClass();

                    IName pName;
                    IMapServer pMapServer;
                    IAGSEnumServerObjectName enumSOName = AGSConnection.ServerObjectNames;
                    IAGSServerObjectName SOName = enumSOName.Next();
                    while (SOName != null)
                        if (SOName.Name == tabla && pLayerFactory.get_CanCreate(SOName))
                            pName = (IName)SOName;
                            pMapServer =(IMapServer)pName.Open();
                            IMapServerLayer pMapServerLayer = new MapServerLayerClass();
                            pMapServerLayer.ServerConnect(SOName, pMapServer.DefaultMapName);

                            IMapServerObjects pMapServerObjects = (IMapServerObjects)pMapServer;


                            pLayer = (ILayer)pMapServerLayer;

                        SOName = enumSOName.Next();
                catch (Exception Err)
                    Logger.Logger.EscrituraLog("Error", Err.Message + " - " + Err.TargetSite);