Model builder crashes clipping large topo file

Discussion created by Gifro10 on Apr 25, 2011
I'm running a model in Model Builder with many processes, but the first process is clipping a large contour shapefile (about 66MB).

It crashes seemingly randomly, during the 2nd step during "cracking features."   I got it to work once by changing the path name of the output (clipped file) on my hard drive... but then out of curiosity tried to change the folder again, re-run it and it still crashes.

Is this likely a memory issue?  Why would it run once and then not again? Geometry of the files are okay, I've run that check tool. I've tried exported and re-imported the clip features and the topo data.

Now that I got it to randomly work once I've removed the clip function from my model and it runs fine... but still curious why it crashes in Model Builder. Known issue?

The clip function works fine through the toolbox as well... but always crashes in Model Builder.