Events are buggy

Discussion created by rob84 on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by tomfumb
I have found the following bugs in the events classes (all still present from earlier versions of ArcMap)

If the selection rectangle drawn by the user did not select any records then this event is raised 3 times.
The event is raised when the layer is not visible, and it's raised 3 times too.
The event is raised when the layer is toggled as "not selectable".

When clearing selection the event is raised twice.
Adding a new data frame raises this event, which it shouldn't.
When deleting a graphic and this event is being caught then the map does not refresh.  The event is also raised twice again.
The event is raised when a feature layer is removed from the map (the layer did not have a selection either).

The toIndex arguments always returns -2147483648.
A layer being added to or removed from the map that would alter the index of the layer thus 'reorder' does not raise this event.

Could not get this event to be raised.  Not sure what it's mean't to do either as the documentation is not that specific.

The event does not get raised when the map focus changes.  Though IDocumentEvents_Event.ActiveViewChanged seems to work ok.

Some events seem to be missing from ArcObjects too to cover over changes in layer properties for example:

  • Field Visibility Changes

  • Field Aliases change

  • Data source changes in ILayer_Events

  • Primary display field is changed

  • Join/ relate added/changed/removed in ILayer_Events