VB.NET Application Unexpected Errors/Memory Problems

Discussion created by jlovely on Apr 25, 2011
I've develped a VB.NET application that is giving out unexpected COM errors due to what I think are memory problems. I've tried adjusting the MINBUFSIZE and MAXBUFSIZE settings in the giomgr.defs file for SDE but this has only allowed slightly more records to run before another COM error appears.

My code loops through arraylists to get the correct records to process from the input files and uses cursors (which I am releasing when I am done with them). I also query the data using relational operators and spatial queries. I am holding everything in memory until the end of the edit process.  I need to process over 100,000 records.

Can this be done in ArcObjects at the desktop level with 6 GB of memory? I am using a test maching running Windows 7 64-bit OS and ArcGIS 9.3.1 (ArcInfo license).