Mobile Mapping Drive ENTIRE Route

Discussion created by Gregs66 on Apr 20, 2011
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Fair Warning Readers: I am new to Network Analyst and potentially a danger to myself and others with this tool.

Here's the project; We need to drive all 286 miles of our County roads with the IP-S2 Mobile Mapping car (imagine Google StreetView + LiDAR). It's important that we drive every mile of road and not just hit the 'points' at the end of the roads. Some of these roads need to be driven in both directions. We have been experimenting with Network Analyst (NA) and when we create points at the end of the roads we end up with gaps at the intersections where NA thinks that because it 'touched' the point that it doesn't need to actually drive that section of the road. We can fill in these sections by hand with lots of points but it takes a while to do and we end up with about a bazillion directions telling us to proceed 100 feet down the road and then another 100 feet down the road, etc.
Can NA do this? Can we have it use the entire linear feature and not treat it as just points along that feature?

This will be a big, expensive project for us and any help would be appreciated!


Greg Sutherland
GIS Coordinator
San Juan County, WA