Focal Statistics (median within 1200 m radius) returns NoData

Discussion created by flowleisurly on Apr 20, 2011
In ArcMap 10.0, I am trying to calculate a raster of focal median values from a slope raster (30 m cell size) using a 1200 meter radius, but it returns NoData in almost all of the cells.  There is a halo of values around the outside of the slope raster, but NoData throughout the extent of the original slope raster.  I have the "Ignore NoData" option checked. See attached image of original slope raster and focal statistic halo.

I have run the focal statistics tool successfully on the same slope raster for a focal median with a 400 meter radius and for focal majority and focal mean calculations with 1200 meter radii.  Despite this, focal statistics does not work for median statistics with radii of 600, 800, or 1200 meters.  

Any ideas?