Generated Add-in Tool fails to reach breakpoint

Discussion created by maho on Feb 17, 2010

This problem seems similar to the problem Wim Ligtendag reported earlier with an add-in extension (although I couldn't reproduce his problem with Beta2, I downloaded his code and the OnNewDocument and OnOpenDocument events fired).

But here's the Tool problem: I used the Desktop Add-in Template to generate a new ArcMap Add-in containing one tool. The only code I inserted is the override for onMouseDown:

protected override void OnMouseDown(ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.Tool.MouseEventArgs arg)
I placed a breakpoint on the messageBox line. When I build and debug the breakpoint dissapears from VS (a symbol appears saying the breakpoint will never be hit because _the code has changed_). When I try to use the Tool, nothing happens when I click the map (OnMouseDown).

However, when I load the sample TimeSeriesGraphAddIn, delete all the code and insert my OnMouseDown shown above, build and debug, the breakpoint stays and I get the MessageBox saying "Piep"

Any idea what's happening here?