new to python - trouble with error trapping

Discussion created by tlsilveus on Apr 19, 2011
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Can someone show me how to trap (and display) errors in python when using as a tool in arcGIS?  I'm use try and except, and when I run the script in a python gui it DOES NOT (edited) display the errors, but when I run in arcGIS it tells it it completed successfully even though it didn't...  The main error  that needs to be trapped is when the program cannot get write access to a dataset via an update cursor.

EDITED: Actually, I just tested again in python gui and I don't get the messages there either.  I must have been getting a traceback call before I trapped the error.  My mistake.  So I'm still left with how do I trap and display an error using python.  My code is below.  I didn't post it originally, but maybe someone can see what I'm doing wrong.

import arcpy

#Initialize variables
searchDSParam = None
searchLinkParam = None
searchFieldParam = None
updateDSParam = None
updateLinkParam = None
updateFieldParam = None

#arcGIS toolbox script
searchDSParam = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0)
searchLinkParam = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1)
searchFieldParam = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(2)
updateDSParam = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(3)
updateLinkParam = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(4)
updateFieldParam = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(5)

#for testing
#searchDSParam = "C:\\GIS\\Temp.shp"
#searchLinkParam = "SS"
#searchFieldParam = "POINT_Y"
#updateDSParam = "J:\\Public Works\\Disaster\\2011_MarchFlood\\Flood2011March.shp"
#updateLinkParam = "SS"
#updateFieldParam = "LAT"

updateTheRow = None
updateTheRows = None
searchTheRow = None
searchTheRows = None
updateTheFields = None
searchTheField = None
searchTheFields = None
fldType = None
fldPrecision = None
fldScale = None
fldLength = None
whereClause = None
linkTypeText = False

#Dictionary to traslate return value of field.type to parameter value of arcpy.AddField_management
fieldTypeDictionary = {'SmallInteger': 'SHORT', 'Integer': 'LONG', 'Single': 'FLOAT', 'Double': 'DOUBLE', 'String': 'TEXT', 'Date': 'DATE'}
changed = 0

    #get work done
    #add field to update dataset if necessary
    #search cursor has data to be applied to update cursor (in searchFieldParam field)
    #update cursor has field to be updated (updateFieldParam gets data from searchFieldParam)
    #link update cursor with search cursor on fields searchLinkParam/updateLinkParam

    updateTheFields = arcpy.ListFields(updateDSParam) #get a list of fields in shapefile to be updated
    searchTheFields = arcpy.ListFields(searchDSParam) #get a list of fields in the shapefile to be searched
    for searchTheField in searchTheFields:
        if == searchFieldParam.upper():
            fldType = searchTheField.type
            fldPrecision = searchTheField.precision
            fldScale = searchTheField.scale
            fldLength = searchTheField.length
        if == searchLinkParam.upper():
            if searchTheField.type == "String":
                linkTypeText = True
    #check to see if it has the field that will be updated, if it has it good; if not then add the field
    fieldExists = False
    for fld in updateTheFields:
        if == updateFieldParam.upper():
            fieldExists = True
    if not fieldExists:
        #field does not exist - need to add field
       arcpy.AddField_management(updateDSParam,updateFieldParam,fieldTypeDictionary[fldType], fldPrecision, fldScale, fldLength) #adds field to data set

    updateTheRows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(updateDSParam) #get the rows from the shapefile that will have a field updated
    #searchTheRows = arcpy.SearchCursor(searchDSParam)
    for updateTheRow in updateTheRows:
        #loop through all the rows in the update cursor
        if linkTypeText:
            whereClause = searchLinkParam + " = '" + updateTheRow.getValue(updateLinkParam) + "'"
            whereClause = searchLinkParam + " = " + str(updateTheRow.getValue(updateLinkParam) )
        searchTheRows = arcpy.SearchCursor(searchDSParam,whereClause)
        for searchTheRow in searchTheRows:
            if searchTheRow.getValue(searchLinkParam) == updateTheRow.getValue(updateLinkParam):
                if searchTheRow.getValue(searchFieldParam) <> "":
                    changed = changed + 1
                    break #exit search cursor loop - you found first row with data and updated row
        searchTheRows = None
    updateTheRows = None
    print "Records Changed: " + str(changed)
    if changed == 0:
        arcpy.AddWarning( "No Features Modified")
        arcpy.AddReturnMessage(str(changed) + " Records Changed")
    # Display exceptions
    for msg in range(0, arcpy.GetMessageCount()):

    #clean up (close cursors and rows)
    if searchTheRow:
        del searchTheRow

    if updateTheRow:
        del updateTheRow

    if updateTheRows:
        del updateTheRows

    if searchTheRows:
        del searchTheRows