getContent() not working at 2.2

Discussion created by msbsmith on Apr 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 12, 2011 by msbsmith
I have a few JS API apps which on Identify use the getContent() method to get hold of all the attribute information which I then format for various purposes for example:

function addToMap(idResults, evt) {
          //run through each feature found
          for (var i = 0, il = idResults.length; i < il; i++) {
              var idResult = idResults[i];
              var content = idResult.feature.getContent()

This works great at 2.1, but if I change to 2.2 it breaks and the value of my variable 'content' is null as opposed to some nice HTML of fields and values I get at 2.1.

Can anyone please tell me how to get the content at 2.2?  I've tried exploring the reference, but can't work it out.  Thank you,