ModelBuilder & Append tool: Objects in this class cannot be outside an edit session

Discussion created by cmparma on Apr 18, 2011
I'm trying to use ModelBuilder to insert parcel updates into our SDE database from a feature class provided by our external vendor. The tool is designed to run from ArcCatalog. Here's my workflow:

1) Existing parcels (geoParcel) in DEFAULT SDE version are archived (copy features tool) to a new FC in an FGDB
2) Create a new UPDATE version in SDE
3) Change to UPDATE version
4) Delete features from geoParcel
5) Copy records (append tool) from vendor GDB into SDE
6) Reconcile and post changes to DEFAULT
7) Change to DEFAULT version
8) Delete UPDATE version

When I get to step 5, I receive the following:
ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Objects in this class cannot be updated outside an edit session. [<db>.<user>.geoParcel] Item not found in this collection. Failed to execture (Append).

I've run the individual tools manually from inside ArcMap with no problem while NOT inside an edit session. The Copy Features, Copy Rows, and other such tool create a new feature class and that is not what I need.

Does anyone have ideas about how to implement this workflow? Is there some way to start an edit session from within ModelBuilder? Perhaps this a bug within the Append tool.

Mike Parma