Solar Radiation output

Discussion created by GregLipps on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by UMRBA
I just finished running the area solar radiation tool for a full year on a 10m DEM.  Looks good, but I'm having trouble understanding the format of the results.  The main output is displayed as a 3-band raster (RBG).  I can change this to display stretched format and thereby get a single value for each pixel.  When I examine the file though (expand in the catalog), I find that it contains 12 individual bands, numbered sequentially. 

Web Help tells me:
"the default output format is an ESRI GRID stack containing multiple bands that correspond to the radiation or duration values for each time interval"

1) What is the stretched raster value?  Mean of all twelve months?  Sum?
2) I'd like to create an attribute table for further analysis, but can't do this for a multi-band raster.  Suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help,