Exporting to PDF from DataDrivenPages - Legend renders incorrectly

Discussion created by shmendrick on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2011 by shmendrick
I'm exporting a number of maps by sector and theme, 6 themes and 32 sectors, so arcpy.mapping and dataDrivenPages could be a nice time saver.

However, the legend on the PDF export does not respect settings made in the .mxd. The legend in the mxd looks fine of course, but legend in the exports is far too large, spacing, fontsize, legend size etc.

So I'm setting the width and x/y position in the python script to ensure that the legend shows up where it should. This ALMOST works, but in the export there is no space at all between the patch/symbol and the description, so the design now looks shoddy and is a bit hard to read.
It also sometimes sets the font as huge, or too small, or runs it outside the legend box.

I've tried setting the spacing values and text size right when creating the legend, resizing in the mxd, etc. The only thing that comes close to working is setting the width and XY position in python.

Can I access the fontsize and spacing and etc somehow from python?

So close to perfect, but close is not good enough in this case.