Near Tool Help

Discussion created by slocke04 on Apr 13, 2011
I have created two layers with coordinates for homes in one and coordinates for a different structure in the other.  I have been using the near tool to find the nearest structure to each house, but the distance it gives is the euclidean distance between the coordinates.  How do I change this where it will give me the distance in miles or feet?  I had the same question when using the point distance tool.  I can find all structures within 1 mile of each house but I need the distance to be in miles or feet. 

The second question is about the unique-id that arcmap assigns.  Each house has a unique mls number and each tower has a unique registration number.  Is the a way to use these as the unique id in arcmap so I can export this and merge the nearest towers information with the housing data? (Basically I want the Near_fid to be the registration number)

Any help would be much appreciated.