What defines a UserSubID for a ISimpleEdgeFeature?

Discussion created by noresten on Apr 13, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by noresten

I am confused. We have a geometric network consisting of only simple edges and simple junctions. Alot of tracing is made in the network using traceflowsolvers and netflags. When placing start flags (netflags) on features the UserClassID and the UserID is set correctly but UserSubID is set to '-1'. This works most of the time, but sometimes it don't. When running 'QueryIds' for UserClassID, UserID and UserSubID I receive UserSubID = 2 for my ISimpleEdgeFeature! When using the queried usersubid for the trace all works fine. So my questions are:

What defines a usersubid (aka Feature Sub ID) for a ISimpleEdge? I would understand if we had complex edges but we don't!