Grid Point Sampling - LARGE dataset

Discussion created by jpinchot80 on Apr 12, 2011
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I am attempting to determine, on average, how many raw LiDAR points are within a 2m x 2m grid over the extent of an area of interest that is 35 km x 35 km. Most geoprocessing attempts I've made to create a 2m x 2m polygonal grid have failed (too large a dataset for this kind of heavy lifting, plus my computer only has 3 gigs of RAM).

I'm thinking there may be a different software solution out there for this kind of analysis, but I'm bound and determined to try to perform this analysis in ArcMap.

Has anyone out there attempted this kind of analysis on a large dataset with such a small grid? Let me know any suggestions you might have...

Jesse Pinchot
GIS Specialist
URS Corp.