Application/Map Hook - Obtaining a reference to the currently loaded map

Discussion created by jmaccgs on Apr 12, 2011
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I'm developing a customization for ArcMap 10 using C#.NET and ArcObjects and am trying to access the current map.

I'm fleshing out this customization:

Essentially, I'd like a high-level overview of application hooks and how they can be used to get a reference to the current map (I don't need the current application reference as of yet, but if it contains the map element itself, I can deal with that instead). I don't have any Windows development experience and this concept is new to me. I've tried adding the OnCreate method, but that didn't work, and I wasn't sure to which file it should be added.

If anyone could give me any insight into how application hooks work and how they are integrated into ArcObjects customizations it'd be greatly appreciated.