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Lidar Tree Height Data

Question asked by CaveSpringAssoc on Oct 17, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by jjohnson_washoe

Hello All,

    I am trying to develop a map that has accurate line of sight calculations for a point to point system.   Trees are my main issue.  I have been looking for accurate lidar data and I am striking out so far.   It am trying to avoid breaking the piggy bank and shelling out the $$$ for a drone with a lidar camera.   Does anyone know where I can get (free or paid) current (<2 years old)accurate lidar data?  I need it for the  Eastern Kansas Region (Lawrence-Leavenworth) and Western Missouri (Oak Grove-Odessa) specifically.  Or does anyone have any experience/ideas/resources they could point me to. 

Thanks in advance.