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Access a field value in a layer that is outside the edited layer's $datastore in Arcade's Attribute Rules profile

Question asked by smalltowngis on Oct 16, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2020 by smalltowngis

I'm trying to populate a field in my Site Address layer with the Parcel ID of the intersecting parcel. After making several attempts and researching the docs I'm finding this isn't possible? I am unable to use FeatureSetByName because I can't access the $map global because I'm using ArcGIS Pro. And I can't use $datastore because my parcel layer is in another location. Is that correct? Right now my solution is to copy the parcels to the same file gdb as my site address layer and use that layer for my intersecting features.


The documentation isn't very clear on the $map global only being available in ArcGIS Online. Every time I try to use it in my attribute rule expression it says $map object is not available. The docs say I can use it in the Attribute Rules profile, but all I get is this:



Here's a paragraph from the docs saying I can use it in the Attribute Rule profile:

A collection of FeatureSets. This data type is only used when working with the $map and $datastore globals available in the Popup, Field Calculate, and Attribute Rule profiles. The $map represents a collection of layers (or FeatureSets) in the map of the feature executing the Arcade expression. The $datastore represents a collection of layers in the same feature service as the feature executing the Arcade expression.


I would really like it if I didn't have to copy my parcel layer over to the same geodatabase. Has anyone done this? Xander Bakker - any thoughts?