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Summing Categorical Questions

Question asked by GarrettRSmith on Oct 16, 2020
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In my survey I have a number of questions that are labeled with text and then categorized in the from 0 to 3 in the name column in the choices worksheet of my xls form. 


I am trying to add up these categorized values to get a total site score and have created a hidden value using a calculation for each of these questions using the "+" sign between each of the questions. When I test this out, I am getting wild answers. The total should add up to no more than 15, five categorized questions with a max value of 3, but I am getting valued in the 10,000s. 


Is it possible that it is not working because I have categorized numerically text based names that are used for the answers? If so, is there a workaround for this in the form, or is it something that I have to do outside of Survey123 post data collection?