My Notes on Deploying Esri's Coronavirus Health Screening Solution

Discussion created by jrflannery on Oct 16, 2020

I thought that I would give back by sharing my notes on how I implemented the Esri Coronavirus Health Screening Solution.  This is working well for us across many office locations.  Thank you Chris Fox and Scott Oppmann.


Steps I took to implement Esri’s Coronavirus Health Screening Solution

  • Deploy the Coronavirus Health Screening solution from Esri’s into your ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account (Creator user type required).
  • Download the Employee and Visitor health screening Survey123 forms with Survey123 Connect to your desktop and modify the forms as you deem necessary.
  • Republish your Employee and Visitor health screening forms to AGOL.
  • Access the two Survey123 forms from your AGOL S123 webpage and download the QR code png file for each.
  • Access the Health Screening Dashboard from within AGOL and make any modifications to the wording or the use of the temperature check option.
  • I used ArcGIS Pro to connect directly to the “Location” table in the “HealthScreenings” feature layer in this AGOL solution to add our office locations and capacities.
  • In AGOL, set the Share for the Employee and Visitor S123 forms and the “HealthScreenings_public” feature layer to Public.
  • Create a Group in AGOL and Share the “Health Screening Dashboard” and the “HealthScreening_dashboard” feature layer to this group.
  • Give your Covid Coordinators and any H&S leads who are interested, AGOL Editor user type accounts.
  • Create a folder in OneDrive for Business as a place for a health screening spreadsheet table.
  • From the S123 webpage for the Employee survey form, export the data table as an Excel spreadsheet into your OneDrive folder.  This spreadsheet will be used as a template for an upcoming process.
    • Open this spreadsheet, remove unnecessary fields like GlobalID, CreationDate, Creator, etc.
    • Create a “Table” of the rows and columns in this spreadsheet and Save.
  • Use the Share settings in OneDrive to create a link to this Excel spreadsheet giving View (Read Only) rights to users.  Share this link with Covid Coordinators and H&S Leads.
  • This is really cool!  Use Microsoft Power Automate to make webhook connections from both the Employee and Visitor S123 forms to the OneDrive spreadsheet.  You may use the canned “Track Survey123 responses in Excel Online (Business) sheet” solution that is available.  These webhooks will add a new record to your easily accessible OneDrive spreadsheet every time someone submits an Employee or Visitor health screening form to S123.