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Error when trying to create/import report template for a survey

Question asked by MondiSA on Oct 16, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by MondiSA

Hi all


Since late yesterday I have come across something weird when wanting to create or upload a report template to a survey in ArcGIS Online. I get the error you see below. The survey works perfectly in every other way, but it is only the report that is causing an issue



It says "Item specified by surveyItemId does not exist or is not accessible.


What is this surveyItemId that is spoken about? How can it not exist?


I get the same error when I try upload new templates to several existing surveys that are currently using reports that have been uploaded before. Weirdly enough, if I publish a simple survey it all works well.


Has anyone had this issue before. I first thought it was a issue with my one survey that I was currently developing, but it is now doing it with several of the existing ones.


Is there some update to ArcGIS online that I don't know about?


Thanks so much