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Flow Direction does not show in new digitized lines

Question asked by jsn on Oct 16, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by George_Thompson-esristaff

Hello everyone,


Environment:  ArcGIS 10.7, ArcSDE 10.7 in a Ms SQL Server database.


We set up our geometric network with  Flow direction  "With Digitized Direction". After running the tool, the whole Geometric Network had a direction.   Now when we digitize new lines with the regular editor tool, we do not see the flow direction represented in the new lines, it shows as UnInitialized . Is there anything else we have to do in ArcMap  to see flow direction in new digitized lines.



# Process: Set Flow Direction

arcpy.SetFlowDirection_management(SewerNetwork, "WITH_DIGITIZED_DIRECTION")