Conditional Selection for Model

Discussion created by mcchaddy on Apr 11, 2011
Hi All,

I'm very new to model builder and I have a few questions. So take it easy on me.

I want my model only to work if something(a street) has been selected on my street layer. The model calculates new street/segement lengths(in miles) after a street has been added or split it then converts miles into kilometres(i'm in australia) into a new field. Normally I would select the street i want to update then open the attribute table and use field calculator to update the miles and then repeat the process to convert to kilometres.

I also want to create a model that I can use when I have differnet maps to print in either Landscape or Portrait. Each print option will use a different template. Are there any model builder tools for print layouts etc.

I hope i'm making sense. Any help would be much appreciated.