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Applying Gallery Symbology to Graphic Elements

Question asked by CEMML_gsmith12 on Oct 15, 2020



Does anybody know how to apply symbology (from the Gallery) to graphic elements in ArcGIS Pro? For example, I'd like to insert a graphic line and then make it an arrow.  In previous versions of Pro, I could've sworn that when I opened the line properties, I could navigate to the Gallery and apply line symbology to my element. I can't find it now.  My options to create an arrow as a graphic are now: 1) apply the "Arrow" Effect from Structure > Add Effect (not really an option, I do not think this arrow looks very great), or 2) add an entire Marker Symbol Layer > Appearance [Font] > ESRI Arrowhead > choose an arrowhead > Marker Placement [Placement "At Extremeties] and [Extremities "At begin/ed"].  Seems like a large number of clicks just to get a simple arrow.


I can then save the final product to a custom style, but can't apply my custom arrow to subsequent lines. I can only apply the arrow to line feature classes or shapefiles. What happened?


I think this is a bonified need, especially for users who rely on layout graphics/elements for standardized products and branding purposes.  As it stands, it appears I'll have to remake an arrow graphic (or any sort of graphic) every time I need one.