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Joining geodetically correct polyline segments in VB.NET

Question asked by stanles on Oct 15, 2020
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I have some VB.NET code which is constructing a line piece by piece from a set of coordinates in a table.  I was creating the separate iLine and then adding those to a Path object.  Once the series of point composing the line is finished then I add that Geometry into a Polyline.  And that works.  It has recently transpired that creating that I want to create the line as geodesics or loxodromes, depending upon the line.  I found the ConstructGeodeticLineFromPoints member of the IConstructGeodetic interface.  But this creates Polylines so the previous code I had with Paths is no longer working.  I am trying to Union my spearate geodetically accurate polyline segments with a TopologicalOperator but that is taking a whole lot longer and runs into problems after a while.  I was trying to look into SegmentCollections and GeometryCollections to mimic what I had been doing previously with iLines and Paths, but it doesn't seem to be working.  Does anybody have any experience with easily joining together polyline elements programatically together?