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Enterprise question re: Migrating servers + upgrading versions

Question asked by aroust on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by aroust

I am getting new servers for our Enterprise deployment, so I need to migrate all of our existing content. At the same time, we are due for a version upgrade and want to install Enterprise 10.8.1.


My question: is it possible to install 10.8.1 on our new servers and migrate content from a previous version of Enterprise (specifically 10.5.1)? The prevailing wisdom on server migrations seems to be to either use the WebGIS DR Utility to backup and restore (which requires the versions to match) or to use a Join Site operation to move content (not clear on whether the versions have to match).


For what it's worth, the Enterprise deployment is spread out over multiple servers, so software installation is not as simple as running the Enterprise Builder tool on one server.