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How to use jupyter notebooks with ArcMap 10.5 (no ArcGIS Pro license)?

Question asked by Nadine_dArc on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by Nadine_dArc

Hello everyone,

I think I got a rather basic question but can´t find any answer to that.


I want to use a jupyter notebook in order to run my ArcMap-workflow. For now, I call the routine from the Python window of the ArcMap Desktop 10.5 and process everything right there but I would prefer having a step by step output in a jupyter notebook.


I'd like to run different geoprocessing tools, and use arcpy, as well as visualizing the produced maps but also use other python libraries like numpy etc.

It seems to be quite easy in ArcGIS Pro but I don't seem to understand how it works with ArcMap. I usually use jupyter notebooks/jupyter lab through my miniconda prompt.


Could anyone please point me to a useful site for instructions? 


I'd be very happy for any help!