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Review and Rematch Addresses AGOL

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Oct 15, 2020

I've geocoded an excel worksheet in agol. Two of the addresses do not match.  When I open the layer for review,  I can easily see what the problems are:


The first address should be 1744 W 3500 S and the second address should be 5506 W 13400 S.  When I make the changes in the unmatched table, none of the suggestions are any good.  I change the geocoder to the one my agency has online so as not to invoke the ESRI world locator and then enter the corrected addresses, one at a time in the Find address or place window and click search:



So far so good.  I then click right next to the call out on the far left side to drop a point and select Match


And I get a matched icon.  I then repeat the process again for the other unmatched address and select Done Reviewing.


But my previously matched addresses are now gone:

How do you  actually rematch an address in AGOL and have the location stick?