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"Error sending one or more attributes" Collector's Data

Question asked by juegiraldoar21320_d on Oct 15, 2020
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Hi everyone.


First of all sorry for my English, i'll try to explain my problem.


I have a free Developer Account and i've share a point feature on my Hosted Service, and added it to a basemap to open in Collector.


I open collector and when i add a point on field, fill the fields of my feature, etc. and press the check symbol (up-right), collector tell me "Error sending one or more attributes". When i do the same thing in Collector Classic, there is no problem. 


The only "strange" thing i made on the configuration of my point feature  wass enable GNSS fields from the tool in this web direction: GitHub - Esri/collector-tools: A set of python scripts and geoprocessing tools to automate common tasks and workflows in… 


Note: im using my cellphone's GPS for taking test  data, but i'll use a trimble TDC600 and EOS Arrow 100 on field.


Thanks for read this, if you can help me i'll preciate it!!!