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Chart Properties in ArcPro Intelligence

Question asked by k.christen_crgis on Oct 14, 2020



I'm using ArcGIS Pro Intelligence to do crime analysis.  The heat calendar and data clock charts are really useful, but I find they need a few tweaks.


Three right off the bat:

1) Is there a way to configure the data clock manually, so that I can order things like days of the week or months of the year by their actual order, rather than by the largest count?  It's patently UNintuitive to see them out of order.

2) Is there a way to have the data clock bin events by an hour of the day, rather than using the literal timestamp in the data?  Or do I have to generate some sort of calculated column to do that?

3) Is there a way to manually configure the breaks in the numbers?  In ArcMap, I've been able to structure manual breaks by starting with jenks, then adding a class, then changing it to manual and reconfiguring the upper values (I need to be able to show zero blocks of time, rather than less than or equal to 1).  In ArcGIS Pro, I can't figure out a way to do that, especially when I'm dealing with low numbers (like 3 or less, which defaults to 3 classes).