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Discussion created by wmcb8367 on Apr 11, 2011
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I'm trying to use parts of the code from the "Legend With Visible Layers" sample (found in Widgets: http://help.arcgis.com/en/webapi/javascript/arcgis/help/jssamples_start.htm) and code from the "Editor" sample (found in "Editing") to create a legend in the accordion container that updates its contents depending upon which layers are on or off, but which I can select features from to drop on the the map to create new records (e.g., the location of a recent 911 call).  Is this possible or are these two things too self contained to take pieces from like this?

If this will not work I would like to put the editor feature in another accordion container, but I'm not sure where the editor code should go - should it fit inside of the "init" function or should it go outside by itself? Thank you in advance!