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Download Files Not Being Created

Question asked by SEINick on Oct 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by thervey-esristaff

Hey hey Hubbers!


We have a dataset that we want people to be able to download.


Aerial Survey Data - Scientific Aviation 


There are other data sets we have created and shared the same way as this one above.


But this one has no downloadable files... if I examine the Chrome console it clearly cannot find the CSV, GDB, SHP, or whatever files for download. I opened the item above in the Hub item details and clicked on the "Recreate Download Files" button. It claims to have completed, and showed no error. 


But the files continue to not exist, and as such the dataset cannot be downloaded.


I tried "Checking The Item For Updates" and then "Recreate Download Files" ... still no love.


Our other data sets on the same site, created the same way, shared the same way, are working fine. So what is special about this one?