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Points not showing in Data tab of Collaborate viewer

Question asked by c_jamfrank on Oct 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2020 by jxu-esristaff

Hello all,


Issue:  When viewing the Share Results viewer(Overview,Analyze,Data) for as the owner, surveys entered show on the dashboard but only the repeat table show on the Data tab, and thereby, no points on the map.


Background: I built a survey opened and partially populated from a URL with parameters in Collector.  X and Y coords are passed in along with a GUID and another field or two.  The map is populated from the XY data and is set to read only, so the user doesn't change the location. 


After a bunch of "select_" questions, there is a compact, read-only repeat.  The repeat count is 1.  The repeat contains a read-only Geopoint and hidden fields for Lat and Long using the pulldata function to store the location of the Geopoint. The Geopoint has a "null" esrifieldType binding.  The purpose here is to capture the location of the location of the device when the user begins the survey.  Also, they can't update the survey.  

begin repeatstartrepeatSurvey Completecompactyes
hiddensubmit_latitudeLatitudepulldata("@geopoint", ${capture_location},"y")
hiddensubmit_longitudeLongitudepulldata("@geopoint", ${capture_location},"x")
hiddenaccuracyAccuracy (meters)pulldata("@geopoint", ${capture_location},"horizontalAccuracy")
end repeat


So when I view the Data tab in the full Survey123 site for the survey, both table tabs show up under the map: the main table (Fertilizer test) and the repeat table (Survey Complete).

When I launch the Share Results dashboard from the Collaborate page, only the "Survey Complete" tab shows the the dashboard shows the correct number of surveys submitted.

It seems that my approach is correct from reading other posts on GeoNet.  Is the main table not showing on the Data tab expected functionality, ie. it is outside the norm so the dashboard may not work correctly? Or is there a better way to capture the survey start point?  I've attached a dumbed down copy of the Survey which shows the issue.  


Thanks in advance!