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Issues charging Survey after updating xlsForm

Question asked by mddelcc_deb_vilce01 on Oct 14, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by rmiller-esristaff

Hi everyone,

Since the last update to Survey Connect 3.10.239 I get real issues here when I update anything in the form. It won't load  back when I save my xlsForm and I end up closing the app with the task manager and need to create a new form importing the "old" xls file.... Thats really anoying. Never experienced this before..

Sometimes this because some errors from the copy/paste from my old version before updating Survey connect but honnestly I've been working it for days and something goes wrong.

The older version used to tell us where ad when we had errors in the file now if something inconsistent happen, it tells nothing you have to find where's the problem when there is one...


I miss the older version of Survey123 to be honnest.....


Thanks a lot