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Spatial Join - Contain AND Boundary_Touches?

Question asked by hmjooesrikr-esridist Employee on Oct 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by hmjooesrikr-esridist

Hello folks,


I got a question in using Spatial Join.


I made grids (polygons) which will make the sectors for the other layer of polygons.

I want to count the number of all polygons in each of grids, which may be inside the grid and stay cross the borders.


For example, I want the colored polygon at the left-upper corner to be included in the grid since a portion of the polygon is inside the grid. 

So, I used spatial join with the matching option "Contain" but it doesn't count that part of the polygon. I think that option only joins if the polygon is inside the grid only.


I don't care about the overlapping. 


Anyone knows the method to include all the polygons in the grid?


Thank you Geographers!