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Create a polar grid around a point to extract summarized elevation values?

Question asked by mkleinau on Oct 13, 2020

Given a point, is it possible to create a polar grid surrounding the point and then summarize elevation based on those grid cells? I am trying to implement a method of assessing terrain complexity that involves fitting a plane to various sectors around a point (defined in polar coordinates). By summarizing the elevation in grid cells and exporting the results, I can pass the exported data into Excel for the plane fitting portion (parsing the cells into sectors and fitting the plane based on the mean elevation in each cell).


So far I have been able to create the rings of the polar grid using the Multiple Ring Buffers tool, and am manually drawing each of the radial lines. I cannot figure out how to convert those rings and radial lines into polygon features (my grid cells - see the attached image for a simplified visualization of the rings and lines to be converted to polygons). Ideally I would like to create a model that can take the point as input, create the rings, create the radial lines, form the cells, Summarize Elevation with the cells as input, and export the results to a csv or excel document.


Any insight on a tool to draw the radial lines or a tool to create polygons from input polygons and lines (or a better process than my current one) would be a huge help!!