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Question asked by gregb_mcpao on Oct 12, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2020 by gregb_mcpao

I am using a point widget to select an area on the map and highlight it. I then provide a geodesicBuffer to add distance in feet to query for intersecting areas. This is working, but the measurement is taken from the point when I need it taken from the bounding box. Is there a way on create to change the geometry type from a type point to a type rectangle?


Point widget. Buffer distance needs to be from bounding box, not point.


Polygon widget. Buffer selection is correct.


// create a point widget button and add to view


let button = document.createElement('button');
button.setAttribute("class","esri-widget--button esri-icon-map-pin geometry-button");


// add event to make selection on map


document.getElementById("point-geometry-button").addEventListener("click", geometryButtonsClickHandler);


// set the sketchviewmodel to a point


function geometryButtonsClickHandler(event) {

   const geometryType =;



// how to change to type:"rectangle" ?


sketchViewModel.on("create", function (event) {
   if (event.state === "complete") {
      sketchGeometry = event.graphic.geometry; //<---"point"