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Fixing a bad stretch on imagery in a source mosaic with statistics?

Question asked by AngusHooper on Oct 11, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by pbecker-esristaff

I am having an odd issue here that I hope is due to user error and not a bug. I am trying to add rasters to a source mosaic, calculate statistics and then visualise that mosaic correctly in Pro / image service.


Workflow is:

  1. Add rasters to mosaic
    • Mosaic is in an SDE
    • Source rasters are Maxar satellite products - e.g. worldview 2
    • Processing template or raster type is multispectral
    • Source data is located on a fileshare NAS \\mydata
  2. Build pyramids and statistics
    • build pyramids = False
    • Calculate statistics = True
    • Skip existing = True
    • Include source datasets = True
    • Estimate mosaic dataset statistics = False. As this is a live mosaic with regular data updates, it is my understanding that this should not be set to true.


If I visualise the source mosaic at this point the imagery is stretched poorly, typically looks like there is a green filter on the image. 


Resolution to the above?

Remove all rasters from the source mosaic and re-add them using the same parameters from step 1. The imagery now stretches correctly and displays perfectly in the image service & Pro. It almost seems like there hasn't been a refresh/config change in the mosaic after the statistics are calculated for the source dataset and re-adding them resolves this.