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Experience Builder map not showing

Question asked by LUCOU@ulaval.ca_ulaval on Oct 8, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by LUCOU@ulaval.ca_ulaval

I'm working with Experience Builder and I can't get the map I select to show on my page. All I get is the waiting animation as shown in the picture below. It doesn't show in creation or live mode but I see it in the preview pane of the parameters of the widget (left side of the screen). It doesn't work with any type of web map (my content, live atlas or public maps). I tried with ArcGIS Online and on our ArcGIS Enterprise and it doesn't work on both.  I don't get an error saying there is a problem with the map.  All other elements on my page are displayed correctly.


I'm new to Experience Builder so maybe it's a beginner's error. Any clues?