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How to get the LayerView style

Question asked by gregb_mcpao on Oct 8, 2020

I have a SketchViewModel for a graphics layer. When I add the layerView to it I need to change some styling at runtime.


// create a featureLayer


const featureLayer = new FeatureLayer({
   url: myurl



// create a mapview and 


var view = new MapView({
   map: map

   / / other stuff here



// Given this basic featureLayer example, I will wait for the layerView to be ready.


view.whenLayerView(featureLayer).then(function(layerView) {

      How would you go about accessing and changing the style for a LayerView without

   sifting through all the layers as in the example below?


Is there a shorter way to get to the layerview style?

// this is just an example of what I do not want to do


var maplayers = item.layer.parent.allLayers.filter(function (a) {
   return a.title === "my layer";

var style  = maplayers.items[0].sublayers.items.filter(function (a) {

// do my runtime styling work here