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Survey123 geopoint search prompting sign-in despite being public? (Portal version)

Question asked by szelonis_mcpd on Oct 8, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by szelonis_mcpd

I just published a survey that I built in Survey123 Connect (version 3.10.239). I'm using Portal, not AGO. I set everything related to the survey to be shared publicly.


The survey loads find and users can submit data, but there is a problem with the geopoint/map question. I have a standard geopoint map where a user can seach for an address or drop the pin to their location. However, when the user starts to type in an address, a pop-up prompts for a sign-in to my Portal. If you close out of the prompt, you can still search for a point, but after each letter that you type, it prompts for another sign-in. It makes it not functional. All of the geocoders are public, the survey is public, the feature service is public, the web map for the survey is public... what else could be going on - why is it asking for a sign-in that you don't need? When I'm signed-in to the Portal, I don't get the prompt. 


Image attached of the sign-in prompt that pop-ups whenever you try to search for an address. Thanks!