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Line Chart - Series load does not honor Filter in Data Page

Question asked by vholubecarcdata-cz-esridist Employee on Oct 7, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by vholubecarcdata-cz-esridist

Dear ArcGIS Dashboards Beta,


I am visualizing COVID data (Download the daily number of new reported cases of COVID-19 by country worldwide ) in Dashboard Beta. 


I would like to make a Line Chart for "cumulative data per 100 000 persons" just for few countries. These countries are filtered in data page.



But in the Series page it loads all World countries not just these in the Filter.


Then it´s quite annoying to delete all World countries except 5 used in the filter. It would be better if the Serie page reflects settings in the Data page.


Thank you,