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Can't import arcpy within Flask

Question asked by HOKis on Oct 7, 2020
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I set up FastCGI in IIS and got the working properly. I also cloned conda env with Python-Package-Manager inside ArcGIS Pro for installing further 3rd party packages like pyodbc, etc. Inside my I can't import arcpy, though all necessary paths are listed in sys.path. Everything I get is 500 Internal Server Error, nothing else.


I think I have to activate the conda environment, right?

I can successfully import arcpy within a standalone script and run it in VS Code Terminal. There, it seems to activate the conda environment BEFORE running the script. I see <PYTHONPATH>/activate.bat in the Terminal. It also works per cmd. So my question is, how do I activate the conda env before running the flask script?


Is there another way to use arcpy from arcgis pro with flask?


Any help is appreciated.