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Can I avoid empty spaces in my Survey123 Feature Report?

Question asked by Rafael.dePedro_MELCoventry on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by jxu-esristaff



I have recently started playing with the Feature Report word templates to download Survey123 data. I have read the basic documentation provided by ESRI on data formatting, conditionals, etc., which has been quite useful. However I find myself now with a template I have created for a Survey123 form that contains many fields, of which only a small number of them get filled in at any one record. 


I have created a Feature Report word template which includes all fields in the Survey123 form under different conditional statements to show only the fields that have any data within each form. The problem is that the resulting word document creates a lot of unnecessary empty space and pages, probably because of the numerous fields in the form and template which, for having no data recorded, do not appear. 


Is there a way to avoid this? Hopefully something obvious and I'm just not seeing it, but nonetheless I would appreciate any help or similar experienced form other users.


I attach a sample feature report for illustration.