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Apply Symbology from Layer tool in Model Builder

Question asked by cyohesrikr-esridist Employee on Oct 6, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2020 by bbicking-esristaff

Hello all Geographers!

I've stuck in a problem of using Apply symbology from layer tool in the model builder (ArcGIS Pro). I haven't checked if there's any similar question in GeoNet, so sorry ahead if there's one.


I made a feature class and got through a series of field calculations. Then, I want to use that tool to import the symbology values from another layer (different path as well). 


I put the tool in my model builder and set required fields of the tool parameters by right-clicking the tool, creating variables, and assigning parameters. After hitting the save, I opened the model to run as a model (not inside the model builder). Here my problem goes. 

I was able to set the input layer, symbology layer, and even update symbology ranges. However, the source field from the Symbology Fields did not have the drop-down menus for selecting the field. Anyone knows how to solve this?


Thanks in advance and Have a great day