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Merge features and keep/transfer attributes

Question asked by 2CQuiker on Oct 5, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by 2CQuiker

I have the following code that was provided by bixb0012 , thank you for the merge code. I need to be able to keep a certain fields attributes/ or transfer them once the merge is done. With the following code some merged features have info in the Field2 but some doesn't.  I would like to merge the features that have the same attribute from Field1 but keep/add what is in Field 2 to the new merged Field2.


Original features                                       Merged Features

ObjectID   Field1   Field 2            -->      ObjectID   Field1      Field2

01            CP0001   Conditional    -->            1         CP0001   Conditional

02            CP0001   'Blank'            

03            CP0001   'Blank'          

04            CP0001   'Blank'            


01            CP0014   Relocation    -->            2         CP0014   Relocation

02            CP0014   'Blank'            

03            CP0014   'Blank'            

04            CP0014   'Blank'         


from arcpy import da
from itertools import groupby
from operator import itemgetter
from functools import reduce

fc = # path to feature class or table
case_fields = ["field1", "field2"] # field(s) to group records for merging
sort_field, sort_order = "OBJECTID", "ASC"
shape_field = "SHAPE@"

fields = case_fields + [sort_field, shape_field]
sql_orderby = "ORDER BY {}, {} {}".format(", ".join(case_fields), sort_field, sort_order)

kwargs = {"in_table":fc, "field_names":fields, "sql_clause":(None, sql_orderby)}
with da.UpdateCursor(**kwargs) as ucur, da.SearchCursor(**kwargs) as scur:
    case_func = itemgetter(*range(len(case_fields)))
    ugroupby, sgroupby = groupby(ucur, case_func), groupby(scur, case_func)
    for (ukey,ugroup),(skey,sgroup) in zip(ugroupby,sgroupby):
        poly = reduce(arcpy.Geometry.union, (row[-1] for row in sgroup))
        row = next(ugroup)
        ucur.updateRow(row[:-1] + [poly])
        for row in ugroup: