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Transferring built Caches from server to server

Question asked by tomtommo on Oct 4, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by CKatsaounis-esristaff

Hello Everyone


We are currently creating some new caches for out two 10.6.1 arcgis server machines. We are creating the caches in the test environment to then transfer them to the production environment to reduce the load on the servers.


We have successfully created the cache in the test environment have attempted transfer the cache over to the production environment. We created the identical service on the production environment and then transferred the cache over into the correct folder and directory which all went to plan. We then restarted the service and checked the rest end point it shows all the relevant scales as can be seen below.


Rest End Point Scales


However in server manager in the cache status report it comes back listing only some of the scales up to 8000 that have been cached. After we go to view the cache we can browse to it up to scale 8000 and then we go any lower all the tiles are grey and not coming through even though all the scales are in the cache directory


Cache Status

Wondered if anyone has any suggestions of anything we might be doing wrong or any other suggestions for transferring caches between machines


Many Thanks