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Maximum Number of Files permitted within a Storymap Shortlist Resource

Question asked by SCharnock on Oct 3, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2020 by SCharnock

I have just tried to add another image within the Shortlist Builder but when uploading the image the upload box becomes unresponsive.  Using the google developer tools it appears that when the file is uploaded an error occurs as below:


  1. error: {code: 400, messageCode: "CONT_00945", message: "Exceeded total number of files for this resource",…}
    1. code: 400
    2. details: []
    3. message: "Exceeded total number of files for this resource"
    4. messageCode: "CONT_00945"


Would I be right in assuming from the message that there is a maximum number of files/images that can be associated with any particular Storymap Application.  If so what is this limit?  Is the limit the same on a Personal Use Account as it is for a Public Account.  Either way, although I am sure this is not a common occurrence, having spent 6 months putting together this application, it is a bit frustrating to not have received any prior notification that I was approaching a file limit.  If I had know beforehand I would either have constructed that app differently or not bothered at all.


Is there anyway to overcome this restriction.